how to be the best girlfriend:

1. cook for him.
seriously, they say ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.  yeah, they were right.  plus, he’ll learn…and when YOU are sick with a terrible cold, he can make you nice meals.

2. buy him plaid shirts and harney&sons tea.

3. listen to frank sinatra together and dance a lot.  love is like a dance…at least that is what nat tells me.  he likes to dance, and i like to dance too.  it’s pretty fun.

4. pray together.  this one is really important.  i don’t think i can stress it enough.  a spiritual connection is first and foremost the thing that you should be concerned about.  if you two are not spiritually on the same page, you need to do some backing up.  connect spiritually first, and then everything else should follow that.

5.  hold hands.

6. be his alarm clock in the morning.

7. discuss everything…tell him stories about your family…what you were like when you were younger..what your strengths and weaknesses are…that you don’t like digital watches…what would happen if you suddenly became overly obese…if he would still like you if you decided to dye your hair rainbow coloured..things like this are importante.

8. cry in front of him.

9. write together.  make music together. clean together.  do things together.

10. be prepared to be surprised.  try not to try to figure everything out.  it ruins things you know…

11.  go busking with your ukulele for date money.  having a ‘date money’ jar is a really good idea.

12. house sit for his parents.  you should have already won their hearts though. (;

13. call your parents a lot.  VISIT your parents a lot.

14. make sure your boyfriend gets enough sleep.  especially when he has to work in the morning.  you don’t want him looking like a zombie the next day.

15. get connected with older wiser married women.  lovely ladies that you can trust and confide in.

16. always buy the eggs. better yet, buy some chickens.

17. be a good listener.

18. make sure he doesn’t go to safeway with that superman curl.  even if he really thinks he can get away with it.

19. smell nice.

20. be joyful.

i’m still learning though.
let me know what else i need to know to be the best girlfriend.
o yeah.


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