We are sexual creatures with good longings placed in us by our maker. Touch is healthy when it is to pursue propriety in intimacy within courtship.

In honor of your friend’s future spouse (which may or may not be you) do not indulge in sexual acts. It is robbing intimacy. Here is where everyone asks for the line to be drawn, “how far is too far?” But this is simply the wrong question. We should be asking, “How can I glorify God by controlling my body and honoring him with the desires he gave me for physical intimacy?”

From Nat, here are some pointers for guys: (1) Before anything, repent of any way you’ve screwed up in thought or deed. Reconcile with her and whoever else is involved in the courtship. (2) In your purity have integrity. Wash the cup on the inside too. Don’t fake your purity. (3) The lust of the flesh is sneaky; it tip toes on finger fondling. (4) With that in mind, strive for holiness and glorify God for the beauty and pleasure He made. (5) Concentrate first on being a good friend, not so much on the 7 ok-ways to hold her hand. (6) It is natural to want to touch. Romans 7 talks about Paul’s struggle with the natural man, even after his mind had been regenerated. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if it feels good it must be naturally good as God intended.

Our natural has been screwed up really bad, and if God has saved you (all praise be to God) your natural has been regenerated to hate sin and love what God loves. God hates sin. Sexual immorality is sin against your body, her body and Christ’s body. It is destructive. Kill sin. Flee. Throw it off and run the race.

from la. tips for girls when it comes to physical intimacy:
(1)don’t push it. lots of times we try to get around boundaries and get as close to the line as possible.  all for the sake of feeling a bit loved. but true love doesn’t selfishly seek her own, so why the heck are you toying with his thoughts and playing with intimacy that should only be exercised inside of marriage?  (2) don’t go there.  nat’s dad gave us some good wisdom when it comes to knowing if what we are doing is right or wrong.  would our parents be okay with this?  if the answer is an ‘i don’t know’ just steer clear.  (3) be a good girl. you’re marriage will last longer for sure. (4) make a box. nat and i have decided to keep a ‘box’ that we put things in. footsies and butterfly kisses and things that will be more glorious inside of marriage go inside it.  (5) i believe in holding hands… but by all means, if you want to save that for your box, do it.


About Nat

I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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5 Responses to Touch

  1. Dale MacInnis says:

    Good stuff, guys…

  2. Joel says:

    I feel like I need to say again what a great post this is. Kudos guys! : )

  3. Mrs. Bradlie says:

    thank you for sharing~ we love your blog!
    Cassie & Elijah say love you!

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