Nat helps me pack for all my trips.  I hate packing.  I like packing when he is there though.
I went home for the weekend to visit my family.  He couldn’t come.  This is our first official ‘we are apart for more than 2 days’ kind of thing.

I miss him already.

So, we shall commence this memorable event with some letter writing.

Dear Nat,

Today, my sister graduated and I played that one song that you had filmed in your living room.  It went well.  They liked the song.  My favourite part was when I looked at her when I was singing and she had a really wonderful smile plastered on her face.  I wish you had been there to sing with  me.  Maybe later though.

This morning I brushed my hair outside because everyone was being so crazy inside.  Sometimes it is hard to find a quiet spot in this house, but it’s ok.  I’ll deal.  I love him.

The girls have paper birds taped to their wall.  I want to make some paper birds with you and tape them to my walls.  Would you want to do that with me?
I love my sketchbook.

Brother is hilarious.  He sat next to me at dinner.  He loudly said ‘O YEAH.  i picked the right spot right next to you!’.

On our way home from the graduation the entire family belted out some oldies..Bohemian rhapsody..glee tunes…little mermaid.  I wish you could have been there to sing with us.  You would have loved it.

We went swimming at my grandparent’s hotel.  Dad benched 200 pounds.

I am beat.
I already told you that though.

love you to the moon.


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