You’ve been gone for 32.5 hours.

Dear La,

Thank you for google video calling me last night. It was nice to see your face and your cute hair tendrils. I love reading to you. Especially A.W. Tozer and St. Augustine. I’ll read you some C.S. Lewis when you get back. I miss you, but not an over whelming amount, because I hear from you throughout the day. And that is good.

If I was a bug, and you was a boy, I’d hope you would carry me around in a little jar so I could watch how your day progressed. This is how I feel when you send me text messages. Communication is good. Why? Because lack of knowledge destroys us  (Hosea 4:6, Is. 5:13). But so does the gaining of certain knowledge (Genesis 2:17).



About Nat

I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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