green grapes.

Dear Nat,
You don’t have internet right now.  ‘Tis terrible my love.  I’m sitting with Mandy, eating green grapes and watching a movie with Lucille Ball in it.  I miss you.
Today we are going to try to find some birthday presents for Bellis, and a toaster.  I need a toaster.  I miss toast.  A lot.  [:
I hope you are well and chipper with a big smile on that adorable face of yours.
It is grey skies here.  Lots to pray about.  Lots to think about.  I was reading some of your Jesus words that you had written this morning.  I was so blessed.  I am so blessed to be with a man who loves Jesus.  Really loves Jesus.
I was overwhelmed with thankfulness as I was getting ready for work.  Getting ready for work is much easier when I do it with a thankful heart.  Thank you for being there for me.  Calling me in the morning.  Taking care of me when I’m sick.  Feeding me when I’m hungry.  Doing my dishes.  Making my bed.  Thank you.

Thank God love.
Thank Him for everything that He has give you.
You are blessed.

I love you.


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