186.7 hrs.

Dear La,

Sorry for being a lazy butt and not setting an alarm so I can call you before work. That’s what a 5-star boyfriend would do. A 4-star boyfriend let’s his treasured-sister-in-Christ (Mom doesn’t like the term “girlfriend”) be his alarm via phone call. This morning instead of a buzz in my pocket at 5:45, I got a bagel on my face at 7. 

Yesterday while I was sitting on the beach writing you a letter I saw a surfer riding a wave. He had a yellow board. Let’s go surfing here one day. This morning I am going for a walk with my sister. Did I mention she looks cute in the jacket you let me borrow for this trip? She very much does.

Creation has been preaching to me this whole trip. I’ve been taking notes in my journal like it was bible class again. I heard you had a euphoric experience taking notes on some systematic theology the other day. Want to take a class together?

Missin’ you, dalin’. But I’m not obsessed or anything. No, really.




About Nat

I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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