For the Guys

La told me I should write more for the guys. So tell me, my fellow young man, what would you like to hear about? We could talk about courtship, music, Mark 12:3, or anything you want. Please voice your opinion in a comment.

*EDIT: Youth is not a prerequisite for commenting on this post.


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I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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11 Responses to For the Guys

  1. Joel says:

    I vote we talk about the phenomenon of courtship. I’m a little puzzled about the contexts in which it would work. And what are the sub-goals and sub-stages that lead up to marriage? I’m curious.

    • Aaron Franklin says:

      I am still unsure of what courting is, but urban dictionary helped me out. There were some inappropriate things, but some very helpful information. Here is some of that info:
      Dating is for fun. Courting is for marriage.
      To have an excuse to not be “dating”.
      Something really really old fogies used to say instead of โ€˜datingโ€™. Noone youger than my great grandpa uses this word anymore – except for Darwin!
      This definition was the most complete and a little funny:
      “Dating for religious people, even though it’s not really dating, because dating has negative secular connotations. If you’re a teenage or young adult church-goer, you’ve probably heard of this term or even experienced it before in a particular manner. While it’s not dating, it’s still a relationship, but socially regulated without defined guidelines and rules that you, the guy, are expected to be innately familiar with. Then again, dating is pretty much the same with its socially accepted but vague rules, but eh whatever.”

      These definitions do not necessarily help with your goals in order to lead up to marriage, however, they do help define the topic. On regards to the goals and stages to lead up to marriage, I would argue that there are not any. Marriage is a thing that can be led up to through many different ways. All of the steps leading to marriage do not promise a great marriage. What determines a successful marriage is the level of God that is included. It also helps if the people get along ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. jimnblair says:

    How about talking about our freedom in Christ that we have?Or that Spirit of Fear that so many of us posses that God has not given us?Here is another possible subject,why must we leave God’s throne room at some point?

  3. Nat the Man says:

    As a man, I would like to talk about shaving. When growing some scruff, should I maintain the scruff on my neck? or should that just go…?

  4. Bryan says:

    (shallow comment: I like the tie… is it with a tweed coat? very cool )

    How about thoughts on ‘hesed’ and how it affects your approach to courtship (or non-dating)? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. On that note I recently read this article discussing attraction & acknowledgement of physical beauty vs. lust.
    My wife and discussed this in length pre & post-marriage. Its an important conversation and healthy to discuss with friends and romantic partners.

  6. Nat says:

    Thank you all! I now have 5 drafts in the line-ups.

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