bagels are good in the morning.  Especially at 7:00.  Everyone knows that.
My dear, I think you are a 10-star boyfriend…if that is even possible.  I forgive you for missing my phone calls.  I like leaving you messages.

I would more than love going surfing with you there.  I like accomplishing my dreams with you.  It’s nice to have someone to dream with, and then go make those dreams come true.  My dear you are the sweetest thing since cherry sodas and chocolate sprinkles.   No joke.  I could eat you up.

I cut my hair.  You saw it.  You loved it.  I’m glad.  I’m thankful that we can send pictures to one another.  Your sister can borrow my jacket as much as she wants.  I am so glad that you have been writing bunches in your journal.  That makes me happy.  Utterly happy.  You make me happy.  Your ears make me happy.  I miss you.
I would like going to Bible class with you.  Joy.

Today I was taking out the trash and a saying popped into my head…you know that one:

‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

Then it hit me.  Like a train.  I big red train.
I blushed.
I am more in love with you than I have ever been, and you aren’t even here.
Golly.  It’s true.
So I think we should recommend it.  Time away from one another.
Even though it feels like my heart is being ripped out all the time.
This is good.
Really good.

Honey, I am really in love with you.
I think you should come home.

yours truly,

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