T minus 24 hrs.

Dear La,

Thank you for writing me a letter on this blog. I wonder if people are reading our mail? I hope we aren’t making any one blush too much.

Absence does interesting things. A healthy mix of it in courtship provides thinking space. Because when you are near all I can think about is the cute freckles that sometimes appear on your nose and the smell of you perfume.

When you are absent I can think a bit clearer. And that certain kind of love that blinds me (so they say) leaves my eyes for a moment so I can peer into our proverbial future. My pen hits paper. Reckless. Lovesick. Missing you. I want to be a man with a plan. Not a 7-year plan (Genesis 29:20). Just a simple plan.

Anyway. I’m ready to come home now.


p.s. Speaking of plans, why do no fancy restaurants in town post dairy free menus online?


About Nat

I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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