“Dear John, Tell me everything. Write it all down, that way, we’ll be with each other all the time, even if we’re not with each other at all.” -Nicholas Sparks.

Dear Nat and La.

I am so hacking you guys. But it will be a good hack, I promise.

According to Google Maps, the distance that will be between the two of you in a matter of days is incalculable. That’s kind of cool. We can’t count the miles. It’s too far for the internet.

Here is my advice.

Letters. Not just like actual letters that you mail. But letters that you don’t mail. Letters for the future. Or when you are together for real again. Journals. Best gift you could ever give each other. A journal to write to each other in. The postage prices in this economy are a joke. So, I’m going to be unromantic here. Don’t mail things. Save them. In a journal. That you have to buy for each other in something like the next 24 hours.


Distance is good for relationships. Okay. That is hard to get. I understand it. But zeriously. Think about it. Relationships need growth, and that includes individual growth. Not to be a negative nancy or anything, but it’s really difficult to grow when you’re always together. So, think about this summer break as a gift. Not a time to moan and complain and miss each other to pieces. It is a time to grow. And read a lot of 1st and 2nd Samuel. I love those books. You can write what you learn to each other in your letter journals.

Okay. Enough advice from the single lady.

I love you.

Wait. Last thing. I love you? Don’t wear that phrase out. It needs to be really special. And overuse never makes things very special. This isn’t a rebuke or chastisement. Rather, an encouragement to change it every so often. To, I like you. Umm, oui. Say that sometimes.

Anyway, I like you both. And, I miss you both.

Votre flower.

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