Nat said it the 1st week we had been together.

i love you.

I was sitting on the hood of my car. We had been waiting for the parking ticket person to come. Stalling, we didn’t want to say goodbye. It was windy but the sun was beating down.  Warmth touched my face.  I think I was wrapped up in two coats nonetheless. I wasn’t planning on the “i love yous” coming so quickly.  Actually, I had it in my head that Nat wasn’t going to say it until we were engaged or something like that.  Boy was I wrong.  The words came out of his mouth like a sweet nervous song with tones of boyish life.  I stuttered the same back, and then we parted.  My heart pounding a million miles an hour, and me laughing at my stupid little reciprocation.

That day shattered everything that I have ever read and believed about saying ‘i love you’.

Now, I haven’t been involved in this whole courtship process for a very long time, almost two months now, so I do not consider myself a veteran of the subject.  I would like to share my observations with you though. 

‘I love you’ is not a phrase that should be abused or used out of place.  Seriously, if you don’t think you are going to end up with the person that you are dating/courting, don’t use it.  We may make it a light contribution to the relationship, but deep down inside our hearts it becomes something that we didn’t expect.  It becomes a sunrise in the lonely soul.  I’ve read countless pieces of relationship literature in which the authors write about saving the phrase until later.   As much as I think this is good, I think it depends on the couple.  Nat and I have talked about rules.  I hate the term rules.  I don’t think there should be ‘rules’ in a relationship.  It should be the couple’s own convictions.  Some believe it is okay to kiss, others think it is better to save a kiss.  Some spend copious amounts of time alone together, others always have someone to watch over them.  Some couples have restrictions about staying out late or dancing or flirting or even what they talk about.  Every couple is different.  Depending upon the couple, the sweet ‘i love you’ is either saved or used sparingly or if it is up to Nat and I, we use it in abundance.

There is just something about knowing that you are loved by him.
Something that you didn’t expect.

So, I am here to tell you, there isn’t a rule about saying ‘i love you’.
If you really love her or him…I think you should let them know.  We play pretend too much in the midst of our reality.  Maybe she doesn’t know that you love her.  Maybe he doesn’t know.  We don’t deserve love, but God has give us an ability to love one another.

So, save the phrase.
Use the phrase (appropriately).
Say the phrase. What is spoken sometimes make our actions more cogent.

It is up to you.


p.s. i love you, nat.
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2 Responses to [3]words.

  1. Your post reminded me of that DC Talk song “Say the Words” – it always amazes me when I see how other couples and families use those words “I love you”.

  2. philip says:

    Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. nice.

    Yes a Million miles per hour.

    Me: Rules: read His Book, the Bible tells me so. for everything.

    12 years ago, I cried my heart out to our Lord: “Why”???? He spoke back, instant, like He had been waiting for my question.

    “you are saying you love Me, but you nlive life by your rules”

    I now live life, as much as possible, by HIS rules. much easier.

    When HE provides for me, how can I say ~wrong~? He knows my heart.. He will provide. I only need to follow His ….advice!

    philip, the face book dodo bird.

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