waiting and action.

Nat left on the 4th.
He won’t be back for like 3 months or something, but who is counting?
I’m not.

Actually, I am.

He has been gone for 5 days.

Which isn’t very long, but it is just enough for me to start missing him.
I took Bell’s advice and started writing Nat letters in a journal. I hope it is half full by the time he comes home.
I didn’t actually know how much of a help and support Nat was to me before he left. I am a bit glad that he is gone, not because I was sick of him or anything, but now I understand what he actually is to me.

The main thing I’ve learned since he has been gone, is to utilize my time wisely and efficiently. To sit at home and pine away for him would be a waste of time. I’m positive that he would want me to have a good summer, full of new experiences. Being a couch potato doesn’t sound very appealing to me anyway. My summer would be nicer if he was here, but right now he has been singing and juggling for little children with cancer. When I heard about that, I totally changed my mind.

Talk about being stabbed in the heart.

They need him there. I can survive without him for a little while. This summer is teaching us both sacrificial love. (Ephesians 5:1)

Which, brings out a Biblical example.

Christ is coming back for His Church. His Bride. He wants her to be ready(Ephesians 5:15.16), not twiddling Her thumbs wasting time thinking about His return. God wants His Church to be in action, ready. Not unprepared and lacking experience. We have been given this life full of new things, things that He wants us to experience. Don’t waste time. Don’t let your lamp go out. Keep oil in it(Matthew 25:1-13). Keep it burning bright for your King. Your Saviour is coming back, so be ready(Revelation 19:7). Love is action. It is using all the strength which you posses to give everything. Love is giving it all up. Even your summer. Even your year. Even your life.

Waiting will be nothing when it all comes to pass.


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