A while back I requested the guys to tell me what they wanted me to write about. Here’s a friend’s comment.

I read the article. Thanks for sending it our way.

La is gorgeous. Beauty describes what is really there and truly beautiful. Lust is after everything that is not. The lust of the eyes is never satisfied. We are using these terms in the context of sexuality. Sex is a beautiful gift from God for making babies and being especially intimate within the covenant of marriage with ones spouse. Take it from a virgin who has read Genesis and Song of Solomon.

The beauty of God reflected in his image bearers is marred by ugly sin. I doubt there has ever been a man who was more sexually attracted to his wife than Adam. There was never a woman who got more turned on by her husband than Eve. Why? The fall. One act of rebellion and sin enters the world spreading like a virus. Now we covet the neighbors spouse, lust after the body of another, steal intimacy, murder the covenant of marriage. Human beauty and lust are now so wrapped together it will take the Holy Spirit to redeem our perversity and allow us to enjoy beautiful sexuality with all purity.

But beauty is still there. True, pure and inspiring awe in all of us. A good tune, the way she looks at you, the way he dances with you. All are beautiful things. In your enjoyment of beauty, remember we have a messed up sense of beauty. So walk in the Spirit.

And those are my current undeveloped meandering thoughts pertaining to the topic. Please, leave a comment. Maybe a part 2 is coming.


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I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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One Response to Beauty

  1. You pointed out the most important part – “walk in the Spirit.” He will show you what God views as beautiful and worthy of our affections. Our minds and hearts can be weak and you acknowledged that with your meanderings which many great revelations begin as. Pray daily for regeneration and strengthen each other by praying and working these things out. It is a lifelong marathon but much more enjoyable with wise friends (accountability) and spouses.

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