to do:

i finally made a list.
now you have to make one Nat.

things i want to do with you when you come back:

1. go on a picnic in my new favourite spot in the world.
2.record an album that everyone will LOVE.
3.find an old diner that is open 24 hours and have breakfast at preferably 2:00 a.m.
4.make a chocolate cake.
5.draw together.
6.take a train somewhere. to Italy and hitchhike to France.
8.hold your hand.
9.learn how to cha cha.
10.swing dance.
11.visit my parents.
12.visit my grandparents.
13.make a hanging bed for my new room.
14.write billions of songs. gaze.
16.paper mache. you with your homework.
18.make curtains with you. on in a wedding together(that isn’t our own). photograpers for a wedding. the best dancers at this wedding.
23.write a joke book.
24.make bacon. a talent show.
26.have you buy me some live butterflies that i can keep in my room.
27.make homemade pasta.
28.learn spanish.
30.make a lot of stuff. a lot of people.
32.make a lot of friends. God.

POST EDIT:  nat loves when la makes faces.  hence the unattractive picture with la making a face.

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