To Do List

I think La is the coolest.
And she made a to do list.
So I think I will make one too.

For when we meet again…

1. Eat La’s home made bread sticks.
2. One big slow motion airport hug.
3. Play “I’ll Fly Away” on the kazoos in harmony.
4. Read the letters. In silence.
5. Eat tuna/mayo/apple/crunchy p.b./mustard on toast together.
6. Write a few children’s books.
7. Snorkel.
8. Make fried plantains.
9. Finish the music video. Make new ones.
10. Go busking at the library.
11. Help La with
12. Finish the “Titus and the whale” EP.
13. Go on 72 dates in one day.
14. Make 72 things to sell.
15. Give her 72 love poems.
16. Sing her 72 love songs.
17. Buy her 72 yellow roses.
18. Paint a mural using bright colors
19. Y sobre todo, casarse.


About Nat

I am a vagabond just travelling through, a witness to indestructible life and defeated death.
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