About La


La loves Jesus. La is a young woman with a strong character, a big heart, and a wide smile. She has a voice like agave, eyes that distract me and hands that shutō-uchi. I simply love being around her. She is a crafty home schooled Jesus lover. She makes delicious pies. She is a loud italian and a gentle breeze. She is a radical with ears wide open. Her tear ducts leak often to cool the fire of compassion in her heart. On top of all this, she busks on the street.

I like that she is musical. I like that she cooks. I like that she is teachable. And I love it when she teaches me things. When I first started writing La, back in 2008, she would send me bible verses and always tell me to “keep close to Jesus.” I first really saw her when she came to cut an e.p. at my home recording studio. I remember in between songs we went on a walk and were stopped by two needy homeless men. I got them to phone, food and prayer. I liked the way La prayed. Simple, sweet and deep.

I love reading to her. I really love reading to her.



2 Responses to About La

  1. oh, bravo nat. nice description.

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