About Nat

Nat is really cool.
He juggles.  I think that is pretty hot…and he likes to cook with me, which is a plus.  Last night we made banana bread together.  You don’t really care about that though, do you?  (;
He is a fabulous drummer.  The best drummer in the world.  I think.  You would think so too  if you heard him play.
My favourite thing about Nat is that he prays with me.  I think that is important.  I’ve been praying for a praying man, and whadyaknow.  It’s pretty cool.
We go on lots of grocery shopping dates.  Those are fun fun fun.  We just go to the grocery store because we can, not because we need to buy anything.  We like to buy strawberries.
He is a REALLY good hand holder.  The best.  Way better than anyone else.  Seriously.
He teaches Spanish which is also pretty hot.
I like him.

He has a birth mark on his head…it makes part of his hair blond.  This makes my heart jump.  It made my heart jump before I even liked Nat.  I thought it was cool..and cute..but mostly cool.  Nat loves the LORD.  That is one of the reasons I am so attracted to him.  I mean, if he couldn’t smile and lost both his arms and stuff, I’m pretty sure I would still love him, because he would be the same Nat that loves Jesus.  The Nat that reminds me to crack open my Bible and really ask God about things.  When I am sick, he cares for me.  This is the sweetest thing to me.  When all is said and done, Nat is a sweet servant.  I don’t think I’ve heard a complaint from him yet, and he is pretty good at doing dishes and laundry when told to.  [;

When he is gone
I miss him most when I look at my hands, because his hands aren’t there, laced inside of mine.
I love him
his ears.



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  1. that’s all Nathan gets?…

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