for him.

I want to get this for him.
Let’s hope I win. [;
Visit for a chance to win.
Maybe your boyfriend will be the one to win a nice camera/computer bag.


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Of Marriage

Hello, everybody. My friend shared an excerpt from a book by this guy. I really enjoyed the read and I wrote some of it down and gave it to la today. I hope you enjoy it too, and if you don’t have time to read it all,  “…this is the sum of the matter:—if ye will be happy in marriage, Confide, love, and be patient: be faithful, firm, and holy.”  Continue reading

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we are back.

1. sorry we have been gone for so long.
2.dang, it has been a long time huh?
3.we hope you didn’t forget us.
4.we did not break up.  don’t worry. cold feet as of yet.
6.he likes her.
7.she likes him.
8.her nose is cold. coming soon.


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“I am no bird…”

Did anyone ever know, La’s middle name is “Kate?”It’s true. I promise.

I am sitting in the kitchen with Mandy and she is doing homework for Writing 121. I am hacking this blog. Again. I’m tired of helping her peer edit essays that aren’t even really essays. But really, I just don’t want to write my own paper.

Here’s something I got out of Psychology the other day: “I learned from my own life and marriage that you must build a life together, but also a life apart. You must grant each other time, space, and support to forge your own identities, your own ways of expressing yourselves and giving to others.” A woman who lived during World War II said that. Her name was Sofie. She was a German teacher who played piano. I really liked it.
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breaking glass.

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coming home.

Nat got on a plane to come home this morning.
 Should land around midnight.
 You have no idea how excited I am.
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To be with a songful piano girl. She plays so beautifully and simply. Sends chills down my spine. To be with a prayerful girl. She talks on her face with God. To be with a caring girl. She takes care of little kids very sweetly. To be with a wise girl. She helps me cut back on things. To be with a friend. A really good friend.

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